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What is Sandplay THERAPY?

Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain.”C. G. Jung


 Sandplay therapy is a recognized therapeutic modality for both children and adults, based on the psychology of C.G. Jung and developed by the Swiss psychotherapist and teacher Dora Kalff.

It is particularly useful for identifying and reconciling internal conflicts of the psyche that manifest into symptoms  as well as getting into the depths of the unconscious world. Sandplay therapy establishes a safe and protected space, where the complexities of the inner world are explored and integrated into the psyche for emotional healing. Clients place miniature figurines in a sandbox to express confusing feelings and inner experiences. This creates a visual representation of the psyche’s contents and reveals unconscious concerns that are inaccessible any other way. The unconscious emerges visually and symbolically in the sandbox, it is integrated into a person’s sense of self and can be activated to behavioral change. The effectiveness of sandplay therapy comes with an understanding of Jungian psychology, as well as the archetypal and personal symbolism that appear in the sand. Sandplay provides provides a way for material from the unconscious to become visible, healed, and integrated into the   consciousness, thus allowing life to be lived in a more conscious and authentic way.



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