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“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

       Wholehearted Creative Arts Therapy provides Art therapy and Psychotherapy to children, teens and adults in Mamaroneck, Westchester. Our safe and trusting space allows you to explore and make sense of your feelings and address deeper issues in a nonjudgmental way. My approach is to see you as a whole human being: Mind, Body and Spirit. The therapy is tailored and individualized depending on your needs. We utilize both non-verbal and verbal communication and we work together to gain clarity and resolve the obstacles blocking your path. I practice from a Psychodynamic approach, incorporating trauma work, holistic approach and Mindfulness. 

       Art therapy integrates artistic expression into the healing process, it can be emotionally restorative and can serve as an outlet for expressing your feelings. Art reaches deep places in our unconscious where words are unreachable. No artistic experience is necessary, just open mind and willingness. We put more emphasis in the process of art-making rather than the end product. Art-making may be be spontaneous and non-directed or a directed theme, in response to a conversation or a feeling for example. Your sessions will be individual and structured according to your needs. Start your healing journey with us today and make a call 914.662.7499 

What we offer:

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