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"The only way is through"


           Adolescence comes with many struggles, many of these struggles involve conflict of identity, relationships, issues around body and self- esteem. Teens often need more innovative ways to express themselves than through “talk therapy”. Art Therapy is a perfect way to allow teens to communicate difficult feelings through various artistic mediums. Art therapy assists teens in working on internal conflicts, solving problems, increasing self-esteem, building social skills, and behavior management.

           At Wholehearted Creative Arts Therapy we provide individual art therapy and psychotherapy. I practice from a Psychodynamic approach, incorporating trauma work and Mindfulness. We address concerns around eating disorders, body image, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, identity and self, grief and loss and difficulty adjusting to life events such as separation and divorce. Many teens deal with their feelings by: isolating, fighting the feelings, avoiding them, escaping them by using substances, lashing out at others or using humor to hide the pain. Managing emotions means becoming more aware of the feelings and figuring out what to do with them so they are not hurting you or others.

           At Wholehearted Creative Arts Therapy we provide a safe and trusting space and we meet you where you are emotionally. Making Art helps to quiet the mind and allows you to get in tune with your inner self and what is going on inside you. Remember that in art there is no right and wrong or good or bad. You don’t have to have any special art ability.  We use a wide range of art materials including:  paints, watercolor, pencils, pastels, charcoal, clay and various papers. You may also choose to explore: found objects, collage, altered books, art journaling, photographs, 3D making, felt and many more unconventional and experimental uses of art materials. For more information please Call us: 914.662.7499

ART THERAPY with             TEENS

Reasons for a Teen to consider therapy:

  • Parents experience teen as being increasingly oppositional and defiant

  • Anxiety

  • School failure – drop in grades

  • Isolation

  • Struggles with peer relationships

  • Abuse/Sexual, Physical, Emotional

  • Perfectionism

  • Issues around body image, self-esteem and confidence

  • Depression

  • Gender role and sexual identity questioning

  • Self-harm behaviors

  • Increased sadness

  • Stress management

  • Social skills

  • Lack of meaningful relationships

  • Trauma

  • Addiction

  • Teen pregnancy

  • Medical/physical illness

  • Parent separation & divorce

Focusing on




Eating Disorders



Chronic Pain/Chronic illness




LGBTQ support



Emotional Neglect

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